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1/18/2019 - ​Storm Related Emergency Reminders
With the approaching winter weather (snow, high winds, sleet and freezing conditions are forecasted for Saturday night through Sunday) here are a few reminders:

The Sunrise Office will be open for its regular hours on Saturday (9 am to 1 pm) and Monday (9 am to 5 pm) – In the event of a major power outage the Office (which has a generator) will be staffed by volunteers on Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. (call ahead if possible to insure that someone is here). The office phone is monitored during storms so if you need to contact the office please leave a detailed message with callback number at 570-686-1880. If you come to the office during the storm or while the roads are being plowed please park in the spaces along Sunrise Drive and not the office parking lot as the plows need access to the road materials in the salt shed.

The Dingmans Fire Department has notified us that the firehouse on Log Tavern Road will be open for water and showers if the power is out for an extended period of time. There number is 570-686-3696. 

Check on your neighbors.

In a medical emergency, fire or serious emergency situation call 911. 

If possible, please do not travel on Sunrise roads during the height of the storm. The plow company can do a much better and quicker job if the roads are clear of cars and people. Our winter parking restrictions remain in effect – no parking on Sunrise roads or the 5 ft easement. 

Speed restrictions and a commercial vehicle ban are already in place for all PA interstates and the Turnpike from noon Saturday until noon on Sunday. For details and updates check

Stay informed locally by signing up for Code Red Alerts, the Pike County Emergency communication system at

To report a downed line or power outage Text 544487 or or 1-888-LIGHTSS

Blue Ridge Cable 1-800-CABLE77 or io stations

During an emergency Pike County will use the following radio stations to relay information

105 FM 106.9 FM
103.5 FM 96.7 FM
103.5 FM 107.7 FM
105.3 FM
104.3 FM
95.3 FM
98.3 FM
1400 AM   

We have received numerous complaints from property owners in the immediate area of the bus stops. Please be respectful and do not trespass on their property including blocking their driveway, parking in their driveways and allowing children to play on their property. Please remember that all lots in Sunrise Lake are privately owned regardless of whether it is developed or not. Also please be mindful of the fact that during bus stop times, the roads (main roads and side roads) are still being utilized by our residents traveling within the community. For everyone's safety, please have children wait for the bus in a group on one side of the road off the pavement as much as possible as to not block traffic flow. 
In order to ensure that only Sunrise residents are utilizing the bus stops located within Sunrise Lake, please be sure you have a SLPOA sticker on your vehicle. Security will be enforcing this at all bus stops including the late bus stop over the next few weeks.
Thank you for helping to keep our community safe.

​The Sunrise Lake Events Committee would like to thank everyone that entered the house decorating contest!

It was a tough decision this year for our 8 judges!!  All houses were beautifully decorated.

Our 2018 winners are:
1st Place Winner of the $25 Gift Card & Cookie Platter--100 Fairview Rd.
2nd Place Winner of the $20 Gift Card & Cookie Platter--207 Spruce Lake Dr.
3rd Place Winner of the $15 Gift Card & Cookie Platter--206 Spruce Lake Dr.

Honorable Mentions Go To:
172 Wild Meadow Drive
103 Hawk View Court
115 Upper Spruce Court
158 Buck Run Drive
106 Slate Court
100 Washington Court

The winners of the 2018 Children's Coloring Contest are:
Madeline Struble--Winner of the $10 Gift Card for our 6--12 category
Phillip Schaffer, Jr.--Winner of the $10 Gift Card for our under 5 category

We will be posting pictures of our winning homes and artists in the next few days.

Thank you again to all of our participants!!  

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Winter parking rules go into effect on 11/15/2018 and remain until 4/1/2019. No parking on roads or in the 5 foot easement in front of your property during this time period. 


​The SLPOA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Aly Wayne to fill the vacant position which expires in July of 2020. Aly has been a resident of Sunrise Lakes since 2014. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning with a Transportation Concentration. She has served on several nonprofit board of directors and on a Home Owners Association board as the President of the board. Aly is excited to serve our community and looks forward to helping make Sunrise Lakes the best place to live in the area.

There is still one remaining board of director position open on the SLPOA Board. This term expires in July of 2020. Any interested homeowner in good standing is encouraged to contact the board at or drop off a letter of interest to the office.