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Winter parking rules go into effect on 11/15/2018 and remain until 4/1/2019. No parking on roads or in the 5 foot easement in front of your property during this time period. 


​The SLPOA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Aly Wayne to fill the vacant position which expires in July of 2020. Aly has been a resident of Sunrise Lakes since 2014. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning with a Transportation Concentration. She has served on several nonprofit board of directors and on a Home Owners Association board as the President of the board. Aly is excited to serve our community and looks forward to helping make Sunrise Lakes the best place to live in the area.

There is still one remaining board of director position open on the SLPOA Board. This term expires in July of 2020. Any interested homeowner in good standing is encouraged to contact the board at or drop off a letter of interest to the office.


It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of longtime board member, John Jamieson. John passed away yesterday, September 20th.
John was elected to the Board in July 2014, and was an active member of our community. John never hesitated to offer a helping hand and supported the community by leading and participating on many of our committees and volunteering his time for the community events. The SLPOA office will be closed during the services.
Below, please find details for the Celebration of John’s life as provided by the family.
Walter John Jamieson, of Milford, PA passed away peacefully at home on September 20th. John was born in Philadelphia in 1944 to Walter and Eileen Jamieson. John served in the United States Army in the Vietnam War. He is survived by his wife Beverly Kelly Jamieson, children Bonnie Jamieson, Katherine Jamieson-Pepe, son-in-law Brad Pepe, Jeff and Andrea Gillies, Ryan Kelly, Daniel Kelly, and three grandchildren, Dylan, Audrey, and Bridget. John is also survived by three siblings, Katherine Marietta, and Michael and Peter Jamieson. John retired in 2010 and moved with his wife Beverly to Milford, where he loved living an outdoor lifestyle in Sunrise Lake and served on the Community Board. John was also a model railroad enthusiast. A funeral Mass will be held at 10:00am on Tuesday, 9/25 at St. Vincent's Church on Route 739 in Milford. Immediately following, a gathering to celebrate John's life will be held at American Legion Hall 139 in Milford.

Looking to the Future….
Last month the SLPOA Board voted in a new leadership team.   Board members have been asked numerous times in the past few weeks what this board’s vision is for our community.  Obviously we each have our own ideas, but we want to hear what you think!  
What we are suggesting is not a time to rehash old wrongs, but an opportunity to look ahead to the future.  We would like to offer all residents a chance to voice your ideas and suggestions to the board.   I, along with other board members, will be at the SLPOA office on Saturday, September 15th from 10am until 2pm. We invite you to come by with suggestions, ideas and creative solutions. 
Because of limited space this is an adult only event. If September 15th is not workable for you – please call the SLPOA office to set up an alternative time for us to talk.  We will be holding a board meeting on October 15th at which time we will report on what we have heard.
Hoping to see and hear from many of you.
Wendy Westock , SLPOA President


​The SLPOA Board of Directors held their annual reorganization meeting. The results for the 2018/2019 year are as follows:

Wendy Westock       President

Amy Panetta         Vice President

Mike Deperi           Treasurer

David Sibilia         Secretary

Chip Dingman        Director

John Jamieson       Director

Walter Tomilowicz    Director



2.4:Burning: All residents may burn in a fire container or a controlled pit area. A responsible adult who shall remain within a reasonable distance must supervise outdoor burning. An adequate supply of water, fire extinguishers, or other acceptable fire suppression method or device must be kept in close proximity to the fire. All township regulations must be abided by and the resident must notify the communication center prior to starting the burn at 570-296-7700. One controlled burn shall be allowed on property at any time (refer to Dingman Township Fire ordinance #01-2003–Guide to safe burning). Fine for not following above regulations are as follows: (Old Rule #45)

a. First offense $50.00
b. When burning ban is in effect from SLPOA or Dingman Township $1,500.00


March 3, 2017: The Board of Directors would like to inform the community of the unfortunate passing of long time 

community member and Director Jack Ritter.
Jack has been involved with the association since the beginning. He has always gone above and beyond to help the association and all of its members. We will all miss him dearly.